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mSpy is the best antidote to worrying as it can help you find out where your kids really are at any given moment.

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Make Your Parenting More Enjoyable – Use mSpy to Ensure the Safety of Your Children!

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mSpy is a fascinating mobile spy that lets parents control all applications and programs installed on their kid’s phone

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mSpy is a cell phone tracking tool that lets parents view a chronological log of all phone calls and SMS messages made or received by their child

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Mspy Tracker

The mSpy application software is extremely dependable. We stand behind our product, and provide a ten-day Refund Promise to all of our customers. If you are in anyway dissatisfied with our software, your money will be returned – within 10 days of purchase.

What’s the method to install mSpy?
mSpy must be installed on the phone that you wish to track. The method of installation will differ depending on what operating system your phone uses. To set up mSpy, first login to the mSpy Control Panel here; next, choose “Help” on the menu; then, obey the instructions of the online User Manual for the particular perating system of the phone you plan to monitor.

Is it possible to view tracked calls, text messages, e-mail and GPS information? If so, where do I find this information?
Yes, it is possible. All users can access their Control Panel by going to Once you’ve purchased the software, an e-mail will be sent to your personal account – specifics on how to login will be included in the welcome e-mail. Once 20 minutes have passed, you may view captured texts, call logs, personal e-mails, a record of any web pages that were browsed, any activity on social networks, and GPS whereabouts. Certain statistics are located in the sidebar on the left of your computer screen.

Is it possible to detect if mSpy is currently running on my mobile phone?
Your spouse will not be able to detect if mSpy is running on your phone. mSpy differs from other software in that it carries out its purpose without text commands appearing in the SMS folder of the tracked mobile device. The maximum amount of information that the server uploads is 100 kb. This amount of data is too small for the owner of the tracked phone to notice in his or her phone bill. In addition, mSpy software uses a minimal amount of battery power, thereby ensuring the tracked device works as normal.

About mSpy

What is the mSpy software?

mSpy software is a revolutionary application, and completely undetectable, that allows the purchaser to spy on SMS messages, call logs, calendar data, GPS whereabouts, audio messages and, finally, the precise location of any device on a small-scale map. Personal data is neither gathered or stored, and is never made available to any external parties. In addition, mSpy follows certain security measures to ensure absolute privacy by encrypting personal activities.

How Does It Function?

First, one must install the mSpy application on the cell phone that needs to be tracked. Step one is the only step in which one needs to physically hold the phone; the remaining steps can all be done from a remote location. The settings may be fiddled with at anytime from your personal web Control Panel. With our application installed, it will only take twenty minutes for all information to start getting uploaded to your private account. This account may be logged in to any machine that is internet-enabled.

What operating systems does mSpy work with?

This application works with any mobile device powered by BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian, or Windows Mobile OS.

mSpy Installation

How to install mSpy?

A password will be sent to your mSpy Control Panel as soon as you buy the mSpy application. To switch your password, go to “settings” in your mSpy Control Panel.
Step 1. Log into mSpy Control Panel and obey the instructions given by the set-up wizard. Once logged in, the wizard will tell you to select the operating system of your mobile device. You may then install the surveillance software. It should only take a few minutes.
Step 2. The Combination Code will be displayed Once mSpy is installed, enter the combination code on the mobile phone you wish to track.
Step 3. View newly-tracked information online. Once all the installation settings are finished, your first logs will appear. Great job! All activities on the mobile phone being tracked will now be monitored, and are available for viewing at your discretion in your mSpy account.

How Does mSpy Function?
Once you buy the application, an e-mail will be sent detailing how to install and set up your mSpy software.
NB: The phone you plan on tracking must have web access, and also work with our application. Please make sure your phone is supported by mSpy software. Note: the mSpy application currently runs on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Live.

payment methods

How may I purchase mSpy software? Since mSpy is a digital application, there are no shipping fees involved. Instead, a link is sent electronically to your e-mail. Open this link in the web browser of the phone you wish to target. The application can also be installed directly from your Control Panel. If you do not receive a link immediately following your purchase, please check your spam inbox. Note: It may require 4 hours to handle certain payments.
Methods of payment you may use: Visa/Mastercard, Discover/Novus, American Express, Fax, Bank/Wire Transfer, Diners Club, PayPal, JCB.



Kelly FoxMother

“mSpy is a comprehensive mobile phone surveillance app that allows parents to get a chronological log of all calls, SMS and MMS made or received by their children. It keeps tabs on every activity carried out on the target mobile device.”


James V. HammettHistorian

“On a scale from 1 to 10 – mSpy is 27! I would recommend this product to anyone who is tormented by jealousy. Now I know that my suspicions were ungrounded and I can trust my wife again!”


Ralph O. SteeleDaddy

“mSpy is a groundbreaking cell phone tracker that lets parent check which websites their kids visit on their smartphones or tablets. Every email, every bookmarked website will be visible to mSpy user.Thanks!”

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